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Children's Mobile Dance Classes

Tap Dance Class


Class Information

We still have some spots in a few of our classes!



Dance Makers has been bringing the joy of dance to children in their schools and after school programs for over 15 years!  With your child's school offering Dance Makers, your child is able to develop his or her self confidence and sense of expression through dance in a comfortable and nurturing environment.  We are also able to offer small classes which provide individualized attention resulting in progressive development focused on your child's individual needs and abilities.  We offer affordable tuition and our performances are simple, cost effective and hassle free!


  Each combination class focuses on ballet and tap fundamentals and technique. Our dancers are learning proper terminology and classroom behavior in an exciting and imaginative atmosphere.  These skills will provide a solid foundation for their future dance training and success.  As we are doing all this, we are always making sure that we are having fun!

  Each class consists of ballet, tap, jazz, and tumbling.  Pink ballet slippers and black tap shoes are highly recommended for the girls.  Clothing will depend on the location of the class.  (Some schools may have the option for leotards and tights.  Others may wear clothing that they can move freely in to school on dance day.)  Loose comfortable clothing, tennis shoes (or black ballet slippers) and black tap shoes are recommended for the boys.  Please clearly label your child's name in all dance attire!

 Classes are for ages 3 and above!  Children must be potty trained.

 (For children who attend these specific schools only.)


Policies and Pricing

Tuition is $55 per month for the first dancer. A 10 percent discount is offered off the total tuition for families with multiple classes. There is a registration fee of $30 per family.  The registration fee and first month's tuition will hold your dancer's place in the class.  After that, there are 8 monthly payments due on the first of the month. (October- May)   A $20 late fee will be applied after the 5th of the month.  Monthly tuition will remain the same throughout the year regardless of the number of weeks in the month.  The tuition is based on an average of classes from September through May.  (For students that start in September.  For students that start after the first class, tuition will be adjusted accordingly that month.)

There is no yearly commitment, however we require 30 days notice if withdrawing from a class.  (Example: If you notify us November 15 that you would like to withdraw your dancer, you are still responsible for December.)

Autopay setup is required at the time of registration.  If you choose not to use autopay, please contact us with the understanding that your card will remain on file and charged if payment is not made by the 5th of the month.

In most cases, Dance Makers follows the Virginia Beach City Public Schools calendar.  We also follow their inclement weather policy.  If schools are closed for any reason, (health concerns , safety, etc.) dance class is not being held.  Tuition is not prorated and there are no make-up classes at the school.  You are welcome to make arrangements for makeups at the studio upon availability.                                  


                                                     School Performances

We do two small performances at the school.  A holiday showcase and end of year performance.  There is a $50 performance fee that will be due October/November.  This includes a white tank style leotard, white tights (these will be used for both performances) and an end of year award.  All costumes (tutus, skirts, headpieces, props, etc.) will be provided for your dancer to use.  (Fees will be adjusted for boys and students who have a white leotard and tights or choose to purchase on their own.)

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